Audience: Sheila Veenstra


The Universe (101)

Wow!! What a treat! I've heart of Matthew Godfrey's Norbut character over the years and finally had the chance to see him, alive and well with his foibles onstage! I was not disappointed! The Universe (101) garnered everything from head scratches to belly laughs! Lots of belly laughs! Godfrey's character Norbut was ever so charming and endearing. The chemistry between Matthew Godfrey and Ian Harvey Stone was electric. They had us riveted and in stitches! I'm not a fan of hypnotism, but the audience participation with that bit was well received/enjoyed. My three elementary age kids loved the magic tricks, and laughed hysterically at the silliness of the wrinkles in time! The kids walked away Star-struck and amazed by all the magic they'd seen! The show appealed not only to the kids, but to my space industry exec husband! To sum up: A clever, intelligent show, packed with great fun and entertainment that easily appeals to different ages and various audiences. A must see!