About us

Better Lemons is a free arts and events calendar with front end submission. Better Lemons provides its readers with a LemonMeter rating of events, which come from aggregated reviews from critics and from audience members. Better Lemons also has articles about current and/or relevant events, it provides advertising opportunities, and it has a resource guide in the works for the arts, entertainment, and event industry.

It is free to submit event listings on Better Lemons, it is free to get a LemonMeter rating from audiences and critics, and it is free to be entered into the Annual Critics Choice and Audience Choice Awards.

Better Lemons is committed to supporting homebound and isolated entertainers and creators as they reach out to their online audiences. Each registered event gets their own page that lives on indefinitely and creates a space where critics as well as audience members can leave their comments and give a LemonMeter rating of Sweet, Sweet and Sour, and Sour.

To get a LemonMeter rating, an event page will need to get a minimum of three reviews from critics or audience members.

To be entered into the Annual Critics Choice and Audience Choice Awards registered shows will need to have a minimum of 3 critics reviews and a minimum of 3 audience reviews (the Audience Choice Awards need to have a minimum of 10 audience reviews).

Each listing that is approved is promoted on our social media pages as well as in a weekly roundup post of registered events. Events are highlighted in our weekly newsletter as well.

Better Lemons is your #1 calendar for online and streaming Arts & Entertainment from all over the world and is also the Home of the LemonMeter. Most importantly, the calendar allows specific time-zone postings to accommodate the fact that we are now an international community.