A Birthday, Connections Between Music and the Human Body, Fundraising for a Cause, and More News

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Stephen Hawking and the observer effect on live theatre

In quantum mechanics, the observer effect is the theory that observing a particle  changes the particle being observed. Werner Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principledetermined that the act of our looking at a quantum element impacts the behavior of the thing we are watching. I believe the same can be applied to live theatre. read more here

Happy 28th Birthday, Fountain Theatre!

Twenty-eight years ago today, on April 1st, 1990, co-founders Deborah Lawlor and Stephen Sachs opened the doors of the Fountain Theatre. What began as a dream and an empty building on Fountain Avenue has blossomed into one of the most successful and highly regarded intimate theatres in Los Angeles. read more here

Theater Evangelizing: A Conversation with Melissa Chalsma and David Melville

Melissa Chalsma and David Melville met on Broadway some twenty years ago and married shortly thereafter. Very shortly. Melissa jokes that, upon telling her father that she was planning on getting married, he said, “That's lovely Melissa. Did you have anyone in mind?” read more here

Whitefire Theatre's Jake O'Flaherty Welcomes All in SHORTS

Producer/actor/career coach Jake O'Flaherty has lived and breathed the Whitefire Theatre Company since he and Bryan Rasmussen (Whitefire Theatre's artistic director) started it in 2013. With diversity one of the hot button topics at issue to discuss, Jake gives us Whitefire's take on running a theatre company with inclusiveness, while also carefully balancing his acting career, his coaching responsibilities, his producing duties and his home life. read more here

Audio Interview: Jim Beaver (DEADWOOD / SUPERNATURAL / JUSTIFIED) and Leslie Caveny (2005 Emmy Winner - OUTSTANDING WRITING FOR A COMEDY SERIES) star in "THE NIGHT FORLORN (or Waitin' On Godsford)" at Theatre West

Enjoy this interview about “THE NIGHT FORLORN (or Waitin' On Godsford)” staring Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer in a recurring role on the TV series Supernatural) and Leslie Caveny (2005 Emmy Winner – OUTSTANDING WRITING FOR A COMEDY SERIES – Everybody Loves Raymond) at Theatre West, running until Apr 22nd. listen to it here

Ryan O'Connor Dishes on His VOTE'ng, PRAY-ing, & LOVE'ng

Actor and popular Los Angeles cabaret staple Ryan O'Connor will be bringing a new and improved edition of his VOTE, PRAY, LOVE to the Celebration Theatrefor four performances only, beginning April 8, 2018. Directed by Tony Award-winner Marissa Jaret WinokurVOTE, PRAY, LOVE will cover a little politics, a little personal challenges and a little Elizabeth Taylor. Ryan agreed to a friendly inquisition from me for some behind-the-scenes tidbits and some chuckles. read more here


MUSE/IQUE explores the connections between music and the human body Sunday at Huntington Hospital

Pasadena has long been home to plenty of great classical music, thanks to the dual presence of both the Pasadena Symphony and POPS and the CalPhil Orchestra. But since 2011, acclaimed conductor Rachael Worby has been shaking things up on the scene via her “counter-conventional” orchestra MUSE/IQUE, combining a traditional array of musicians with singers, dancers and other artists to create shows that bring unique themes to life. read more here

The Really Awesome Improv Show

Saturdays 12pm • The Really Awesome Improv Show • Celebrating an 8yr run!

Fun (and appropriate) for all ages, 2yrs-200, The Really Awesome Improv Show features improv games that rely on audience suggestions and participation, is great for the whole family, and was voted “Best Kids' comedy Show” by LA Magazine! Because there's a rotating cast you'll see a different cast and games each week. Great for birthday parties and family outings! read more here


Quotation Marks Don't Soften a Slur in Chicago

Now there is a redaction, an editor's note, and an author's apology. But for roughly 24 hours between Wednesday and Thursday this week, in a theatre review in the Chicago Reader, the racially incendiary “n-word” was part of the text online. read more here

The rose garden, the outdoor movies – Raleigh Little Theatre continues to grow

As a high school saxophone player, Charles Phaneuf took on the role of booking gigs for his band. Now 37, he's the executive director of the Raleigh Little Theatre, where he has grown the nonprofit's annual budget from $800,000 to $1.2 million since 2012. Here, he talks about the success of the theater program, which dates back to 1936, and what's next. read more here

Janio Marrero visits Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

How Theatre Artists Are Fundraising for Puerto Rico

It's been a full six months since Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico, but the island is still in recovery mode. Parts of it remain without electricity, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency remains on the ground. The pressure to rebuild only intensifies as this year's hurricane season creeps closer and closer.

But while the devastation is no longer front-page news, these theatre artists are determined to keep a spotlight shining on their island. Read on to learn how they are lending a creative helping hand—and find out how you can give back too. read more here


Theatre companies pledge to close gender pay gap as data reveals imbalance

Theatre's largest employers have pledged to increase the number of women in technical roles in a bid to improve the gender pay gap, as it is revealed that three quarters of the biggest performing arts companies pay men more than women.

A historical male dominance in backstage and technical jobs has contributed to the imbalance, some organisations within the industry have claimed. read more here

From prison to the National Theatre

The actor, Michael Balogun is currently starring in Macbeth at the National Theatre in London – but his journey there has been anything but straightforward. He spent his early life yo-yo-ing in and out of prison for serious crime and in one of his lowest moments behind bars, he resolved to turn things around. This is his astonishing story.