Registered Critic: Leo Buck

With both the aim and professional motto being to bring readers: "Broadway, Theater and Entertainment news you’re NOT going to find in the pages of 'People Magazine' or 'Entertainment Weekly'," Leo has been covering various aspects of the Entertainment industry for close to two decades now. From DVD, film and theater reviews, to celebrity interviews, to book and restaurant reviews, and events designed for more mainstream as well as alternative tastes, Leo's pretty much handled it all for such publications as "The O.C. Blade", "4-Front", "Rage", "Gay Chicago", and "Camp Magazine" (in Kansas City) and even "N.O.W. Magazine" in the UK, and "Gay News Amsterdam" in the Netherlands. In addition, he served as the on-camera "Entertainment Correspondent" for two years on "The Gay News" broadcast via the internet television service, "Village TV". Six years ago he discovered this thing called the internet, establishing his on-line review column, "Buck-ing Trends". Since then he's been pleased to return to his first love of live theater--particularly musicals--where, on top of keeping local theater-goers informed, his new goal has been to demonstrate to as wide an audience as possible that the local Southern California theater scene is just as vibrant, creative, traditional, alive, and (at times) down right eclectic as any other major metropolitan area--including that world-famous Boulevard in New York City.
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